usability, verified.

FU22YDICE is a creative group of entrepreneurs, educators, artists, business managers, skilled trades people and civic servants all across the spectrum of life.

We are working to make the new web usable for normies like us.

your perspective matters most

The world is changing, wealth is moving and the design of the new system is underway. We work together to find usability maxima where others are not willing nor able to look.

we learn better together

No matter your understanding, all the tools are available for you to level up and contribute. Understanding and applying our life experiences with innovation are the key to linking the future. The only thing that can stop you, is you.

collaborate. celebrate. repeat.

Dialogue can solve every problem. When two, three or four people's ideas converge with unity of purpose, solutions are infinte. Collaboration of ideas, refines our opinions and enables us to dream based on fresh learning. So dream big. Solve problems.

usability, verified.

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